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Axion: Tools

Axion Console

Axion includes a simple console-based JDBC/SQL client application similar to MySQL's console or Oracle's SQLPlus. To use it, simply invoke:

java -cp axiondb.jar:commons-collections.jar:commons-logging.jar \
     org.axiondb.tools.Console dbname [dbpath]

or on Windows:

java -cp axiondb.jar;commons-collections.jar;commons-logging.jar \
     org.axiondb.tools.Console dbname [dbpath]

You can enter arbitrary SQL commands and queries via the console.

There are a few special commands that you may find helpful.


Enumerate the tables known to the database.


Enumerate the columns in the specified table.


Read the given file (path provided after @-symbol) and execute all the commands listed in that file. Each command should be terminated with a semicolon. Comments are allowed using C-style /* ... */

Since the console is included (by default) in Axion's JAR, you may find it a handy tool for making quick changes in or taking a quick look at an Axion database.

Third Party Tools

JDBC supports rich meta-data functionality that make it possible to create generic but robust query and administration tools. Axion already supports a substantial portion of this functionality, and hence can be used with many of these tools.


The following tools are favorites of the Axion development team. They're both robust tools in their own right, and work well with Axion.



A very slick, free, but closed source tool. Axion works reasonably well with it, although Axion doesn't yet support some advanced features that DbVisualizer can provide.

Axion's logging seamlessly integrates with DbVisualizer's Log4J support (including display in DbVisualizer's "Debug Console").

Note: It seems you need to add commons-logging.jar and commons-collections.jar to DbVisualizer's classpath directly (edit the dbvis.lax file), since DbVisualizer only allows one dynamically selected JAR per Driver.

Version(s) Tested: 2.1, 3.2




A slick tool with many nice features. Axion works well with it.

iSQL's message window can display Axion's log.

Version(s) Tested: 2.1.0




A slick tool with many nice features, also skinnable and extensible. Recent Axion builds and recent SQuirreL releases work well together. (Be sure to try out Axion's transaction support with SQuirreL as well.)

Note: Due to some (commons-logging/log4j related?) classpath issues, you need to add commons-logging.jar directly to SQuirreL's classpath (or lib directory). It is not sufficient to add the JAR to the Axion Driver path only. (The good news is that since Axion uses commons-logging and SQuirreL uses Log4J, you can view Axion's log via the SQuirreL's log viewer.)

Version(s) Tested: 1.0final2, 1.1beta5, 1.1rc2


The following tools are also known to work with Axion, but either aren't as rich or mature as the recommended tools, or don't interoperate with Axion quite as well.

DataBase Java Console


A simple, property-driven console application for executing canned (configurable) queries.

Version(s) Tested: 0.1



A little crude but functional and lightweight.

Version(s) Tested: 0.1



Simple, lightweight, Swing GUI. No known issues with Axion.

Version(s) Tested: 0.2.0

Zaval Database Front-end



Zaval's DB Front-end provides a simple and effective web-based SQL client (implemented as a single JSP). Zaval doesn't (yet?) provide any table introspection features.

Version(s) Tested: 1.2.0


Of course this just scratches the surface of the database tools that are available. Try SourceForge, Freshmeat.net, DMOZ, Google, etc. for more.

If you find Axion works well with your tool of choice, drop us a note and we'll be happy to list it here as well. If you find Axion's meta-data facilities aren't sufficient for your tool of choice, by all means drop us a note and we'll see what we can do to support it.

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