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Axion: Reporting Defects

Where to report a defect

You can report defects and other issues to Axion's bug tracking database, or to users mailing list (users@axion).

How to report a defect

The best bug reports are those that provide enough information to reliably recreate the problem.

The ideal way to ensure this is to provide a JUnit unit test that demonstrates the problem. Historically, defects reported with unit tests have been fixed rather quickly.

If you are unable to provide an actual unit test, the next best thing is to provide a detailed code sample that can be used to recreate the problem. In general the easier you make it for the development team to recreate the symptoms you are seeing, the more likely it is your issue will be addressed quickly.

When reporting a defect, be sure to clearly indicate which version of Axion you are using. Some features, and therefore some problems, only exist in specific releases of Axion.

If you are feeling generous, you may want to first search the bug database to see if a problem like yours has been reported before. This will keep the development team from having to process duplicate bug reports, and may lead you to workarounds or even solutions that others have discovered.

Two general purpose documents on what makes a good bug report are Mozilla's bug writing guidelines and Simon Tatham's How to Report Bugs Effectively.

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