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Axion: Recommended Readings

Recommended Readings

Information Technology - Database Language SQL

ANSI, (Second Informal Review Draft) ISO/IEC 9075:1992, Database Language SQL-July 30, 1992


Draft of the ANSI SQL 92 specification (final specification only available for purchase, see http://ansi.org/).

"A Critique of ANSI SQL Isolation Levels"

H. Berenson, P. Bernstein, J. Gray, J. Melton, E. O'Neil, and P. O'Neil. A critique of ANSI SQL isolation levels. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, pages 1-10, June 1995.



"(Abstract) ANSI SQL-92 defines Isolation Levels in terms of phenomena: Dirty Reads, Non-Repeatable Reads, and Phantoms. This paper shows that these phenomena and the ANSI SQL definitions fail to properly characterize several popular isolation levels, including the standard locking implementations of the levels covered. Ambiguity in the statement of the phenomena is investigated and a more formal statement is arrived at; in addition new phenomena that better characterize isolation types are introduced. Finally, an important multiversion isolation type, called Snapshot Isolation, is defined."

This document provides a nice survey of transaction isolation levels in general, and some detail on "snapshot" isolation, which is the transaction isolation level currently supported by Axion.

"Cache-Conscious Concurrency Control of Main-Memory Indexes on Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems"

Sang K. Cha, Sangyong Hwang, Kihong Kim, Keunjoo Kwon In Proc. of VLDB Conf., 2001, pages 181-190.


E.F. Codd's 12 Rules for a Fully Relational DBMS



"A Study of Index Structures for Main Memory Database Management Systems"

Tobin J. Lehman and Michael J. Carey In Proc. of VLDB Conf., 1986, pages 294-303.


"T-Tree or B-Tree: Main Memory Database Index Structure Revisited"

H. Lu, Y.Y. Ng, and Z.Tian Australasian Database Conference 2000, Canberra, Australia, February 2000, 65-73


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